Our Values

HARPER & BROOKS is a team of passionate creatives working out of Oslo, Norway. Our values are simple: We design products that we love ourselves. We always strive for the highest possible quality. We care about the world around us and work with sustainable and thoughtfully considered materials.

Our Heritage

Our founder Ole Øivind Skaar had recently left his job as a financial consultant in Oslo and was searching for something meaningful. A trip to the family farm in the mountains of central Norway changed everything.

A dusty safe stowed away in a corner contained all kinds of trinkets, dusty documents and best of all – a pocket watch. After winding it up he was surprised to see it was still working after all these years.

While evaluating alternative paths to follow, an idea was formed – to create modern timepieces inspired by the time when things were meant to last - and Harper & Brooks was born.

Crafted with care

Swiss mechanics, diamond-cut Sapphire Crystal glass and 316L surgical Stainless steel are core components at Harper & Brooks. We take pride in using locally sourced materials like vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden and organic wool material from Scandinavia.


Our brand is deeply rooted in quality, style and creativity. And even though we value classic design, we develop through close collaboration with leading designers, architects, artists, photographers and musicians. Together we shape Harper & Brooks’ unique identity and style.

Essence of details

We believe the essence in strong design lies in the details. As Scandinavians we value modest and clean design principles, rather than excessive decoration.