The Norwegian blogger and content creator Fredrik Risvik has been documenting his minimalistic style and interest in design for years, gaining international recognition whilst building a community through his website and Instagram-channel. "Appreciating the craft of well-made products" it reads on his 100K Instagram account - a statement us at Harper and Brooks can relate to. We talked to Risvik about his interest in fashion and the importance of quality in a world of endless options.    


How did you start your journey within the fashion world? 
 It started with skateboarding. I was working for a Norwegian skateboard brand for about 7 years, doing everything from filming to designing clothing and managing/working in the store. When the company went under, I had to find a new job and naturally found my way into working with clothing. I guess my interest and ability to dig deeper to learn the "nerdy" stuff got me into specific brands and it never stopped.  


Where does your interest in clothing and good materials come from?
I think this is something I've always had an interest for as for interior design, and back when I bought my first apartment I wanted to save up money to buy certain quality items that would last and that way of thinking I brought into clothing as well. So finding those specialist brands within each product category, whether it be shoes, knitted products, jackets, basics, etc. Buy fever items but buy better. That way I learned why they are so good at what they do. I also read a lot about how fabrics are made and what makes some qualities superior to others.




How do you usually catch interest for a brand?
 Definitely branding at first, there are so many good brands out there doing more or less the same thing, so the one that presents themselves in a way I find appealing will get my attention. I don't need 5 different grey sweatshirts made from the finest cotton, if I were to choose one, the brand that got their branding on point will be the brand I want to buy into. 

What are your preferred materials to look for?
I love a good cashmere sweater/scarf/beanie and wear them a lot through the colder months. I also like a good blend that makes for an interesting texture of the fabric. Because I wear a lot of the same color palette, these textures make the total look more interesting. Nothing beats a good white cotton t-shirt and a classic loopback sweatshirt. 

Do you have any style advice for wearing Aurora Mesh?
This is my favorite from the collection and I would wear this every day through the change of seasons. Grey flannel trousers and a black cashmere sweater to bring those soft elements of wool along with the strict lines of the steel watch - a nice contrast while keeping it simple. For spring it would go just as well with some navy flat-front trousers and a grey sweatshirt, bringing those classic pieces of clothing together with this classic timepiece. Sophisticated and never out of style!

Which components do you value the most in our timepieces? 
The Swiss movements along with the incredible clean design make for a quality watch that suits me perfectly. The Aurora model got this architectural feel I absolutely love.


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