You have seen our exclusive wool collection, but has it ever crossed your mind about where the material comes from? As a highly focused quality and design-driven company, we collaborate with the leading company specialized in textile innovation, Kvadrat.       

Founded in 1968, Kvadrat is recognized as one of northern Europe's absolute finest manufacturers of high-quality fabrics and has been leading the field in textile innovation. In addition, Kvadrat collaborates with some of the world's best creative thinkers and talents in exploring the use of textiles.   


In between bustling streets and cobblestone alleys of Denmark - we find the secluded Kvadrat office, a great example of Scandinavian design, meeting German functionalism. It is where they produce contemporary high-quality textiles and textile-related products for architects, designers, and private consumers to specify in public spaces and domestic interiors.  


Their textiles have been used in iconic architectural developments as the Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Reichstag in Germany and even the Oslo Opera House in Norway to mention a few.


Our wish is to create a timepiece representing Scandinavian culture using Nordic materials. Aside from fabricating leather and metallic straps, we are in fact the first mover to tap the watchmaking market with wool straps. Wool is a genuine ecological material direct from nature. Its superior quality and texture have made wool an important asset in withstanding the harsh Scandinavian climate. Through our collaboration with Kvadrat, we made it happen! Our straps are made of 100% pure wool and we see this innovation as an enhancement of our brand identity. 

Read more about Kvadrat on their website.

Photos: Kvadrat, Alvin Santos


Wool Collection is available in two sizes - ULL 40 MM and SAGA 28 MM 

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